The MOTOmed muvi brings music to movement therapy

The MOTOmed muvi is unique in its flexibility as a movement therapy device. Whether pure arm/upper body training, leg training or simultaneous leg and arm training - all forms of movement are possible with the MOTOmed muvi.

As a special feature in the latest version, it is now also possible to play music simultaneously. This can on the one hand increase the motivation during training, and on the other hand improve the quality of the therapy, as has been proven in various studies.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

The year is drawing to a close and we look back on an eventful, moving and moved twelve months.

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Honors for 2020

75 years of working at RECK

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More flexibility with MOTOmed Upgrades

In order to offer health insurance companies, clinics and specialist retailers maximum flexibility with MOTOmed Movement Therapy, we have equipped ten models of the MOTOmed loop edition with a variety of upgrade options.

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Move and remember. MOTOmed connects across borders.

Residents of retirement and nursing homes are currently only allowed to receive limited or no visitors at all. This limitation has been shown to reduce the physical activities of residents (Frahsa et al., 2020) and can lead to loneliness and isolation. It is therefore all the more important to reach and motivate the vulnerable people in other ways.

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RECK MOTOmed takes part in the virtual.MEDICA 2020

Experience a medical technology highlight in virtual form that can be accessed by anyone from anywhere – virtually.

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MOTOmed layson edition now available!

Intuitive handling, digital intelligence and excellent design

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Going virtual!

RECK MOTOmed takes part in the 9th Annual Johns Hopkins Critical Care Rehabilitation Conference.

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MOTOmed says thank you!

We would like to thank all helpers for their tireless commitment, reliability and willingness to help during the Corona crisis. In these times it is still about protecting oneself and others, taking care of each other, being prudent and there for each other.

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On the virtual platform “Meet the product” we show you in a diversified presentation the various applications of MOTOmed next generation in neurorehabilitation – of cause evidence based.

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Patients and nursing staff from Great Britain say thank you!

MOTOmed successfully supports patients after stroke, spinal surgery and COVID-19. Relatives and caregivers are pleased with the uncomplicated and effective MOTOmed Movement Therapy.

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MOTOmed in ‘report München’

Erich Altmann fights his way back to life after two and a half months of artificial coma. The MOTOmed Movement Therapy helps him intensively to regain his independence in order to master the activities of everyday life again.

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Innovative Movement Therapy in Intensive Care

The trend-setting MOTOmed Movement Therapy is used successfully at Pacífica Salud Hospital in Panama for early mobilization in the intensive care unit as well as in the regular operation of the clinic's daily routine.

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Current study proves the success of MOTOmed Movement Therapy in intensive care medicine

In the conducted randomized study 107 intensive care patients with acute lung failure and artificial respiration were randomly divided into an intervention group and a control group. The patients in the control group received routine intensive care. Patients in the intervention group received lower extremity therapy with MOTOmed letto2, combined with manual therapy of the upper extremity.

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MOTOmed in use around the world

Currently, more than 11 million people worldwide are infected with COVID-19. Clinics and hospitals are reaching their capacity limits. Doctors and nurses are doing incredible things to save lives every day. The MOTOmed Movement Therapy Devices from RECK provide vital movement in intensive care units – especially in early mobilization.

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MOTOmed on stern TV

Moving fates – Rainer Oberseider fights his way back to life after 9 months in a persistent vegetative state (Apallic coma).

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MOTOmed in the „ZDF heute“ and „ZDF Länderspiegel“ programs

Due to the large number of seriously ill COVID-19 patients, intensive care medicine has moved into the focus this year. Since February, about 15,000 COVID-19 patients have been treated in intensive care in Germany.

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MOTOmed letto2 / Coronavirus / Obesity Risk / Lille

MOTOmed letto2 in the treatment of obese corona patients at the University Hospital of Lille (North) in France. A TV report on „TF1“.

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MOTOmed letto2 / Coronavirus / Intensive Care Unit / Saint-Etienne

MOTOmed letto2 in use with corona patients at the University Hospital Saint-Etienne (Loire) in France. A TV report on „France 2 – France Télévisions“.

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MOTOmed letto2 / Coronavirus / Intensive Care Unit / Brussels

MOTOmed letto2 Therapy in the intensive care unit at Chirec Delta Hospital Brussels in Belgium. A TV report on „RTL info“.

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