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Diabetes Type 2

Improving insulin sensitivity

Sports that puts the emphasis on endurance and that engages the whole body is perfect for diabetics because physical activity induces the body to burn glucose. Diabetics can make use of this characteristic. The MOTOmed muvi is perfect here as it enables simultaneous leg and arm training. At the same time muscle cells are stimulated during active training with the MOTOmed, the amount of insulin receptors are increased and their effectivity improved. In addition, endogenous mitochondria develop, that burn the glucose in the blood faster and more effectively. Thus, insulin activity increases and the blood glucose level decreases.  

Through regular training sessions with the MOTOmed movement therapy devices, diabetics are able to counteract stroke or heart attacks.

MOTOmed Movement Therapy

MOTOmed Movement Therapy was developed for people with movement restrictions and complements physical, ergo and sports therapy measures. Users can train while seated in a wheelchair or from a chair.

In Germany, the device-based movement therapy with the MOTOmed is recognized as an aid for many indications by the statutory health insurance. It is worthwhile to inform yourself!