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Chronic respiratory and lung diseases

The fear of having a coughing fit and experiencing shortness of breath stops many patients from engaging in physical activity. While this is an understandable reaction, it is now known that doing so can give these diseases the upper hand. Although patients used to be advised to take it easy and do very little physical activity, the opposite tends to be true today: It has been scientifically proven that measured and controlled physical activity can be an effective therapy for patients with chronic illnesses. In principal, physical training is suitable for all patients, even those who are seriously ill, as long as it is precisely tailored to the individual's condition and needs. The aim here is once again to improve the patient’s strength, endurance and mobility, boost their own capabilities and independence, and enhance their quality of life. MOTOmed Training is ideal for this purpose because the patient can control their own level of exercise via the display in “ServoCycling” mode – just as they do during rehabilitation work or outpatient physiotherapy, only in the comfort of their own home. This is not only a promise but also scientifically proven.

MOTOmed Movement Therapy

MOTOmed Movement Therapy was developed for people with movement restrictions and complements physical, ergo and sports therapy measures. Users can train while seated in a wheelchair or from a chair. Patients in supine position use MOTOmed from a nursing bed or therapy couch.

In Germany, the device-based movement therapy with the MOTOmed is recognized as an aid for many indications by the statutory health insurance. It is worthwhile to inform yourself!


Featured video - MOTOmed movement therapy (13:11)