Acute / Intensive

Early mobilization

MOTOmed movement therapy in nursing bed can contribute to an improvement of the overall well-being of patients and reduces the length of stay in intensive care unit. 

Movement therapy with the MOTOmed letto2 leg trainer or the MOTOmed letto2 leg/arm trainer finds recognition especially in early mobilization. Apart from general therapy benefits such as maintaining body functions, improving blood flow and digestion, improving motor functions, regulating muscle tone or stabilizing the circulation, the MOTOmed letto2 is also used for weaning.

The MOTOmed letto2 is ideal for clinic use due to its good usability. The large transport castors, the expandable chassis and the gas spring supported, continuous height adjustment unburden nursing staff because the device is easily adaptable to nursing bed or therapy chair. 

MOTOmed movement therapy


Leg training in supine position with the MOTOmed letto2 (7:18)
Leg and arm/upper body training from the bed with the MOTOmed letto2 leg/arm (5:06)