MOTOmed viva2 stativ

Effective arm training

Users who want to do a specific arm-/upper body training only, the MOTOmed viva2 stativ is the most suitable device of the MOTOmed family. The arm- and upper body training strengthens especially the arm-, upper body- and shoulder musculature and strengthens the auxiliary respiratory muscles.

Training and motivation games and different therapy programs will help to enhance your concentration and coordination. A detailed training analysis and the option to save the data with chip card and sam2 (accessories) complement the various fields of application of the MOTOmed viva2 stativ.

Usability – simple operation

Users navigate intuitively through the MOTOmed colour display (display diagonal 5,7 inch), because every possible operating step is displayed in “green”. Tactile (slightly increased), large keys ensure easy operation. The large display of the training allows for a good legibility. 

Large, easy feel buttons

for an easy operation.

Large font

Easily legible display.

Start/stop button

Simple start and stop of the MOTOmed.

Color guidance

The next logical step is indicated in green.

Insertion aid

Pedals can be locked in the most conveniant position.