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Intensive care / Early Mobilisation

Improvement of rehabilitation and quality of life of intensive care patients

Mobilization as early as possible is the basis for a successful rehabilitation process and in many cases leads to an earlier transfer from the intensive care unit and subsequent discharge from the hospital. Scientists are currently working on the development of standards and guidelines for early mobilization. In this context, the motor-driven MOTOmed Movement Therapy in supine position plays a major role.

With regular use, joint mobility can be maintained and blood circulation and metabolism can be activated. In addition, MOTOmed Movement Therapy represents a natural decubitus and thrombosis prophylaxis. Initial scientific findings also indicate earlier weaning from ventilation (weaning) through the use of MOTOmed Movement Therapy in supine position.

The use of a MOTOmed layson edition model enables a recumbent, possibly comatose person in the intensive care unit a safe form of passive mobilization. In addition, the „ServoCycling“ therapy aid can be used while the patient is awake to provide assistive training adapted to the patient‘s condition, even with minimal muscle strength. This leads to a considerable increase in motivation and consent to further rehabilitation. 

The intuitive handling and the user-friendly operation via touch screen enables therapists and nursing staff to use the MOTOmed layson edition very easily.

MOTOmed Movement Therapy

MOTOmed Movement Therapy was developed for people with movement restrictions and complements physical, ergo and sports therapy measures. Patients in supine position use MOTOmed from a nursing bed or therapy couch.

In Germany, the device-based movement therapy with the MOTOmed is recognized as an aid for many indications by the statutory health insurance. It is worthwhile to inform yourself!

MOTOmed layson.l presentation

MOTOmed layson.l presentation


Leg training in supine position with the MOTOmed letto2 (7:18)
Leg and arm/upper body training from the bed with the MOTOmed letto2 leg/arm (5:06)