MOTOmed viva2 Parkinson

„Forced Exercise“ – movement speed up to 90 U/min

On basis of recent findings from Parkinson’s research, RECK medical devices developed, together with a group of scientist from the US, the MOTOmed movement therapy for Parkinson’s patients. The employment of special components enables motor supported leg movement, similar to normal cycling with up to 90 U/min. This way, the MOTOmed viva2 Parkinson enables the application of the new therapy method “Forced Exercise”.

Fast forced and supported movements may help to reduce tremor (contracting muscles), improve walking ability and to conduct normal movements with more purpose. An individually adapted training program ensures effective and simple training sessions. Parkinson’s patients can use the Parkinson’s therapy “Forced Exercise” easily and daily at home. 

Besides as leg trainer, the MOTOmed viva2 Parkinson is also available as leg- and arm/upper body trainer. The MOTOmed arm-/upper body trainer can be swiveled in and out of the training area. The arm/upper body training strengthens the arm, upper body and shoulder muscles and reinforces the auxiliary respiratory muscles.

The MOTOmed viva2 Parkinson is serially equipped with a chip card reader which is the necessary precondition needed to integrate the sam2 training analysis program. This special program provides the possibility to store and analyze the training data for a longer period of time.

Usability – simple operation

Users navigate intuitively through the MOTOmed colour display (display diagonal 5,7 inch), because every possible operating step is displayed in “green”. Tactile (slightly increased), large keys ensure easy operation. The large display of the training allows for a good legibility. 

Large, easy feel buttons

for an easy operation.

Large font

Easily legible display.

Start/stop button

Simple start and stop of the MOTOmed.

Color guidance

The next logical step is indicated in green.

Insertion aid

Pedals can be locked in the most conveniant position.