Sustaining body functions

Besides the effective support of care-intense patients, the use of the resource time is essential in the daily nursing routine. The on-device MOTOmed movement therapy relieves the care and nursing personnel every day. According to model, the patients train with the legs or arms/ upper body either in passive, motor-assisted or active mode. Patients with minimal muscle strength can complete longer training sessions by an alternating passive-active training. This increases training efficiency. The MOTOmed movement therapy can be performed from chair, wheelchair or nursing bed. 

The vitalizing MOTOmed movement therapy can counteract the outcomes of a lack of movement and is adaptable to the needs of the patients by only little adjustments. 

With MOTOmed movement, therapy care facilities all over the world complement their therapy measures cost-efficiently. 

MOTOmed movement therapy


Featured video - MOTOmed movement therapy (13:11)