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Improved dialysis effectivity

With the motorized movement therapy device MOTOmed letto2 dialysis patients benefit from the available time during dialysis. Movement during dialysis can increase “dialysis effectivity”, decrease the amount of toxicants in the blood and improve the blood test results of dialysis patients. 

The dialysis patient can train with own muscle power or improve his general condition (strength and endurance) with motor support. Due to the help of the motor and the intelligent active/passive detection of the MOTOmed letto2 even weaker patients or patients with below knee amputations benefit from MOTOmed movement therapy. This movement, which resembles cycling, can help to stabilize the heart, circulation and blood pressure situation. Complications such as fainting, shocks and unconsciousness occur less frequently during dialysis. 

Scientific study

Dziubek W, Bulińska K, Rogowski Ƚ, Kusztal M. Three-month endurance training improves functional fitness and knee muscle performance of patients with end stage renal disease (ESRD). Isokinetics and Exercise Science 24 (2016); 237 – 246.

MOTOmed movement therapy

MOTOmed Movement Therapy was developed for people with limited mobility and supports physiotherapy, ergo therapy and sports therapy. Users can train sitting in a wheelchair or from a chair. In supine position, patients use the MOTOmed from the nursing bed or from the therapy bed.


Movement therapy with the MOTOmed letto2 during dialysis treatment (6:33)