MOTOmed loop kidz.la

Movement therapy for little ones

To live the natural urge to move is the greatest need for children and adolescents. With the MOTOmed loop kidz even children with disabilities can fulfill this desire whether from chair, seat shell or wheelchair. Active, assistive or passive. Depending on possibility and individual condition. The passive MOTOmed Movement can lead to a reduction in muscle tone in spasticity. Additionally, it prevents the shortening of muscles and the occurrence of contractures. At the same time the motor-assisted movement with the MOTOmed enables an active training - even with residual muscle strength. 

Excellent digital intelligence and intuitive usability for kids

The MOTOmed loop impresses with its unique digital intelligence and its visual appearance. Almost all models can be upgraded in terms of equipment and functionality by means of an Upgrade Bundle. The MOTOmed loop also features its unique height adjustment, with which users can adjust the height of their MOTOmed models without tools, as well as the quick and easy switch from arm to leg training. In addition, the high-quality material of the softly rounded surfaces of the MOTOmed next generation meets the high demands of hygiene management in facilities and clinics.

This also convinced the internationally renowned jury of the German Design Award 2019 that awarded the MOTOmed loop the "Special Mention" award.

Change of Training per touch

Trainingswechsel leicht gemacht: Die Umstellung von Arm- auf Beintraining wird beim MOTOmed loop.la direkt am Display gesteuert. Das MOTOmed loop.la reagiert digital per Touch und stellt den Trainingswechsel automatisch um. Das neue 7“ große Farb-Touch- Display ist einfach und intuitiv bedienbar und bietet intelligente Funktionen in innovativer Form an. Selbstverständlich ist das Display auch für die Wischdesinfektion geeignet. Das MOTOmed loop la bietet außerdem eine Vielzahl von weiteren intuitiven Funktionen wie:

  • Unterschiedliche Therapieprogramme mit vordefiniertem Ablauf 
  • Therapeutische Spiele und Videos
  • Slideshows können während des Trainings abgespielt werden
Change of training made easy

The change from arm to leg training at the MOTOmed loop.la is controlled directly on the display

7’’ big colour touch display

The new 7’’ big colour touch display can be operated easily and intuitively and offers intelligent functions of innovative form

Wipe disinfection

Naturally, the display is suitable for wipe disinfection



Special Mention Award at the German Design Award 2019 for our MOTOmed loop und MOTOmed layson (00:00:24)