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Intensive care

Mobilization in nursing bed

Even short periods in supine position can lead to serious illnesses and complications. In order to compensate for a lack of movement, bedridden patients should receive mobilization as early as possible. The MOTOmed letto2 leg trainer helps to obviate the consequences of lack of movement: improvement of general condition, stimulation of metabolism and digestion, improvement of bowel and bladder activity. The motor-driven movement therapy trainer activates the cardiovascular system, regulates the muscle tone and establishes a natural decubitus and thrombosis prophylaxis. 

The additional application of the arm / upper body trainer strengthens the auxiliary respiratory muscles and supports the patient’s breathing.  Practical experience has shown that the MOTOmed letto2 for legs or arms can also lead to positive results in intensive care units.

MOTOmed movement therapy

MOTOmed Movement Therapy was developed for people with limited mobility and supports physiotherapy, ergo therapy and sports therapy. Users can train sitting in a wheelchair or from a chair. In supine position, patients use the MOTOmed from the nursing bed or from the therapy bed.


Leg training in supine position with the MOTOmed letto2 (7:18)
Leg and arm/upper body training from the bed with the MOTOmed letto2 leg/arm (5:06)