MOTOmed muvi

Simultaneous movement therapy

The unique MOTOmed muvi feature enables leg and arm training at the same time. For the first time it is possible to train both areas simultaneously. The passive or active training, the movement speed and the resistance level for legs and arms can be adjusted separately for simultaneous movement. Consequently, the legs can be engaged in passive training while the user moves actively with the arms at the same time. Depending on the indication, simultaneous movement can improve the therapy effect and reduces the therapy time. 

With the high quality Health-Care product MOTOmed muvi RECK Medizintechnik reacts to the current requests of modern future-orientated investment concepts from medical agencies.:

  • All used materials can be disinfected
  • Horizontal, vertical and radial adjustment can be set without tools
  • Different handles, which close with a safety bracket fast and safely and which can be changed without tools 

Usability – simple operation

The colour touch screen is conceived in detail for the medical use:

  • Glare protection Anti-Glare-Effect 
  • Low perspective dependence (best legibility)
  • Resistive touch (light contact doesn`t activate an unwanted action)
  • The screen is suitable for a wipe disinfection
  • Well readable: the presentation on the screen is large and clearly arranged
  • Tactile, enhanced buttons

Animated screen icons tell the duration of the training in real time.

Easy to read

The most important information is displayed in large font.

Easy to use

Tactile, slightly raised buttons.

Unobtrusively present

The info board displays important settings.

Good orientation

A reduced color code indicates the mode in which you are training.

Simply clear

The training data is clearly structured.

Flexible position

The control bar can be positioned at the bottom, on the left or on the right side of the screen.



Featured video - MOTOmed movement therapy (13:11)