Smart and intelligent

We are pleased: The two product lines MOTOmed loop and MOTOmed layson were nominated for the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2019. The award goes to manufacturers and designers of unique design products and projects in the German designer landscape.

MOTOmed Next Generation is the trend-setting active, assistive and passive movement therapy while sitting or lying down. Smart and intelligent with a modern hygiene concept, MOTOmed offers a completely new training experience and supports hospital staff in their daily work.

With digital upgrade bundles, the MOTOmed loop Edition is versatile and can be adapted to the individual needs of patients. The innovative height adjustment of the leg and arm trainer, the new haptics and the innovative operating concept offer users a completely new training experience. The proven quality of the MOTOmed loop Edition shows in an exemplary manner "Steel can carry anything".

The MOTOmed layson Edition can be moved easily, comfortably and safely from A to B and adjusted individually in just a few steps. The orange-colored controls on the MOTOmed layson provide an intuitive user experience. The reduction to a few operating elements enables fast and effective handling in everyday clinical practice.

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