Move and remember. MOTOmed connects across borders.

Residents of retirement and nursing homes are currently only allowed to receive limited or no visitors at all. This limitation has been shown to reduce the physical activities of residents (Frahsa et al., 2020) and can lead to loneliness and isolation. It is therefore all the more important to reach and motivate the vulnerable people in other ways.

With MOTOmed Movement Therapy, users can be physically active in a safe and independent manner, and at the same time experience photos of family and friends and memories of special moments virtually with the MOTOmed slideshow on the display of the MOTOmed loop edition and the MOTOmed muvi. Looking at the photos gives the movement therapy an additional, emotional value and connects people across borders.

In the care and support of people with dementia, it is particularly important to maintain memories as long as possible to counteract the loss of identity. A life review makes it possible to track down remaining abilities and resources. Order your MOTOmed USB stick with a selection of pictures here:

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That humans in retirement and nursing homes move too little because of the Corona rules was now also scientifically examined by the University of Tübingen. This lack of movement could have serious long-term consequences. (Frahsa et al., "I Trust in Staff's Creativity" - The Impact of COVID-19 Lockdowns on Physical Activity Promotion in Nursing Homes Through the Lenses of Organizational Sociology, 2020).

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With their intuitive usability, easy-to-disinfect surfaces and individually adaptable motor-assisted training modes, the MOTOmed loop edition and MOTOmed muvi models offer ideal conditions for residents to counteract this lack of movement independently.

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