MOTOmed in ‘report München’

The slow struggle back to life - accompanied and supported by dedicated nursing and rehabilitation staff, doctors and MOTOmed.

To the TV report (report München - from 7:52)

Erich Altmann - a 51-year-old sports reporter, without any previous illnesses, active in sports and in the middle of life - was unexpectedly infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus in mid-March. After an initial cold with a severe cough, he was admitted to the emergency room. His condition was alarming, and two and a half months of artificial coma followed. The doctors' diagnosis: a cerebellar disorder that can be clearly attributed to COVID-19. At this critical time, Erich Altmann was at times closer to death than to life. After intensive treatment he came to the neurological rehabilitation clinic "Am Europakanal" in Erlangen. There, a team is specialized in training and building up seriously ill corona patients. The athlete recovers slowly and fights his way back into life. Every day a little bit more. He now has to learn everything anew: walking, talking, sitting upright.

On his way back to life, MOTOmed Movement Therapy supports him. Erich Altmann trains his legs with MOTOmed from his wheelchair. For this purpose, he has three therapy modes at his disposal: passive (allowing himself to be moved), assistive (motor-supported) or active (using his own muscle power). Regular training with the medical device strengthens his strength and vitality, promotes joint mobility, activates the blood circulation and stimulates the metabolism. The MOTOmed movement therapy helps Erich Altmann intensively to regain his independence in order to master the activities of everyday life once again.

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