Handicaps in everyday life

The entrance classes, from the vocational grammar school and the first year of the business school, carried out a two-day project on dealing with handicaps in everyday life. The aim of the action was to put oneself in the position of people with disabilities in everyday life.

These young adults learned that there are roughly 150 different types of wheelchairs and that there is a difference between a passive and an active wheelchair. In the gym, they then tried wheelchair driving and found that a wheelchair user had to lie forward when accelerating and why they should never reverse.

In order to put oneself in the position of a handicapped person, there were further practical exercises. For example, the pupils walked through the school building with blindfolds and orientated themselves with the help walking sticks utilized by the visually impaired. Through the various aids they were able to put themselves in the position of people with disabilities and recognize that an attentive and positive attitude is necessary in order to allow people with disabilities to participate in society.

The school management and the school social workers are pleased that this two-day project was supported by the generous sponsorship of Reck-Technik GmbH & Co. KG.

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