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Muscular disorders

Sustaining mobility

Manual and movement therapy are important in the treatment of neuromuscular diseases. Many muscular diseases come along with muscle shortage. The steady MOTOmed movement enables safe movement with the safety function MovementProtector. Moreover, the motor-driven MOTOmed offers a training that does not overstrain – even with weaker muscles. 

With the MOTOmed movement therapy device, patients can complete an active leg or arm/upper body training. The MOTOmed is suitable for a training from a chair or wheelchair. 

A passive, motor-driven movement particularly helps immobile patients and people in wheelchair to counteract the effects of a lack of movement. It activates circulation and metabolism and improves joint flexibility.

MOTOmed movement therapy

MOTOmed Movement Therapy was developed for people with limited mobility and supports physiotherapy, ergo therapy and sports therapy. Users can train sitting in a wheelchair or from a chair. In supine position, patients use the MOTOmed from the nursing bed or from the therapy bed.


Leg training with the MOTOmed at home (8:52)
Arm training with the MOTOmed at home (3:19)