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Multiple Sclerosis

Safe movement even with spasticity

A lack of movement is usually more distinctive in people affected by the autoimmune disease multiple sclerosis than in other people. Very often, the effects of a lack of movement accompany or increase MS symptoms. The inactivity of the MS patient depends on the state of health. The MOTOmed movement therapy offers daily movement even to immobile patients. MS patients can train with the motor-driven movement therapy device out of a chair or wheelchair in active mode, motor-supported or with motor. 

A regular MOTOmed leg or arm training eases spasms, loosens and strengthens the skeletal muscle mass, improves mobility, positively influences bowel and bladder function, stimulates blood circulation in the legs, reduces edema and stabilizes the emotional state of  health. By regular movement, MS patients can reduce fatigue symptoms (abnormal exhaustion). Moreover, movement helps to decrease the risk of a lack of movement such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, bone fractures (risk of falling), diabetes mellitus and osteoporosis. 

MOTOmed movement therapy


Featured video - MOTOmed movement therapy (13:11)
Leg training with the MOTOmed at home (8:52)
Arm training with the MOTOmed at home (3:19)