MOTOmed – effective and efficient medical devices in intensive care units as well as in everyday clinical and nursing routine

The MOTOmed is a versatile medical device that provides patients in intensive care units, critical care and early rehabilitation with passive (motor-driven), assistive (motor-assisted) and active (using the patient's own muscle strength) training of both the legs and the arms and upper body.

MOTOmed // leg or arm/upper body trainer
MOTOmed layson.l // leg trainer
→ MOTOmed layson // leg or arm/upper body trainer
→ MOTOmed layson kidz.l // leg trainer
→ MOTOmed layson.l dia // leg trainer
→ MOTOmed prof // leg or arm/upper body trainer

MOTOmed for optimal mobilization

» faster ventilator weaning » earlier rehabilitation » reduce length of stay in intensive care

In intensive care, MOTOmed Movement Therapy maintains mobility, counteracts the loss of muscle mass and promotes digestion. This leads to increased patient well-being and sustainable support for caregivers.

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