Just4Children – Team Leonie

Children's charity Just4Children is supporting Leonie and raising funds for her life-changing SDR surgery, physiotherapy and a MOTOmed gracile12.

Leonie, from Louth in Lincoln, UK, was born eleven weeks premature. Her birth was complicated and resulted in physical impairments. She is now seven years old and can walk minimally with assistance. A selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) and regular movement therapy with the MOTOmed gracile12 are designed to help relieve the high and painful tone in her legs and right arm and promote her range of motion. Leg and arm/upper body training with the MOTOmed gracile12 will help her strengthen her muscles. With the "SymmetryTraining" function, Leonie can also specifically strengthen her weaker side.


Just4Children is committed to alleviating illness and maintaining the health of children and young people in the UK and Ireland. With grants and services, the children's charity supports medical treatments and equipment as well as therapies that would otherwise not be possible for those affected.

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