Apprenticeship successfully completed

RECK shows once again that it is a successful and divers training company. Six trainees from different branches of the company have completed their apprenticeship. As a result, the young employees have taken a big step forward in their professional development.

Karin Auer (Technical Product Designer Subject Area: Machine and Plant Engineering), Kevin Fetsch (Precision Mechanic Subject Area: General Machine Construction), Carla Frank (Industrial Management Assistant with Additional Qualification International Economy and Management), Markus Fuchs (Electronics Technician for Equipment and Systems), Alisa Griesinger (Industrial Management Assistant) and Marcel Nasuti (Computer Science Expert Subject Area: System Integration) have successfully completed their apprenticeship and have produced good results in the final examination. All six former trainees started in a permanent employment at the family company RECK and continue on their professional development path there. 'All of you are the future of RECK' - Dietrich Löffler, Human Resources Manager. Experience shows that after their apprenticeship many young employees stay true to RECK and evolve at the company.

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