Honors for 2019

285 years of working at the company were celebrated at RECK on November 29th. The ceremony honoring the employees was held at the main headquarters in Betzenweiler, Germany, in a celebratory atmosphere. Representing the executive management, Christine Reck greeted the invited guests to this special ceremony with a glass of sparkling wine. She praised the contributions of those celebrating an anniversary who, through their commitment, had contributed to the successful development of the company. Value-oriented thinking and high quality are therefore not just strategic goals, but are also the daily reality at the company thanks to its loyal staff. The management thanked the employees celebrating an anniversary for their contributions and their commitment.
Those honored for their many years of working for the company were: 10 years: Matthias Brändle, Armin Krebs, Thomas Zentner. 15 years: Stephan Engst, Georg Schönweiler, Dr. Jörn Schramm. 20 years: Andreas Brauch, Anita Ebe, Anita Eisele, Ulrike Kettnacker, Michael Steiner. 25 years: Svetlana Ens, Susanne Funk-Hild, Lilia Grizak. 35 years: Klaus Hugger.

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