Oh St Nicholas...

St Nicholas kept his promise and visited RECK also in 2017.

He brought delicious yeast dough figures in the shape of St Nicholas for all employees. This kind of pastry has many names and is known as Stutenkerl, Weck(en)mann, Klausenmann, Grättimaa, Grittibänz, Dambedei oder Krampus, Puhmann, Buckmann, Ditz, Maddinsmändl oder Hefekerl, Weggbopp, Baselmann, Elggermaa, Boxemännchen, Manele, Jean Bonhomme, Buikman, Weggekèl, Stevensman, Piepespringer oder Ziepesjprengert.

However you may call him: the little dough man was more than delicious. Many thanks for that!

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