410 years of seniority at RECK

During the traditional anniversary celebration RECK honored again many employees for their many years of cooperation and loyalty to the company.

23 employees celebrated their anniversary together with the RECK management at a joint celebration in the festively decorated conference room at the company headquarters in Betzenweiler. A total of 410 years of giving and taking and mutual appreciation filled all participants with joy and pride. "Especially in fast-moving times, loyal and committed employees with their many years of professional experience and accumulated knowledge are of immense value to us," says Christine Reck, managing partner. "Over the years, each honored guest has made a decisive contribution to the company's success and made it possible for us to continue to assert ourselves as the market leader in medical technology and agricultural engineering".

The following employees were acknowledged for their many years of service to the company: 10th anniversary: Albert Ebe, Kevin Gerner, Yasin Öksüztepe, Miroslaw Ptaschek, Denise Sauerbeck, Albrecht Traub, Helene Traub, Sebastian Traub, Katharina Wirt, Marcel Zach. 15th anniversary: Birgit Haiß, Martina Laub, Andreas Müller. 20th anniversary: Jürgen Bohnacker, Wilhelm Luft, Vladimir Maler, Simone Schelkle, Reinhold Schirmer. 25th anniversary: Marcus Tremmel. 30th anniversary: Johannes Haidorfer, Michael Sauerbeck. 40th anniversary: Rudolf Fischer, Gisela Sauerbeck.

Photo: RECK -Technik

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