Improving mobility

All around the world neurological clinics complement their rehabilitation with MOTOmed Movement Therapy. In neurology, the MOTOmed is mainly used for regulating the tone, mobilizing as well as sustaining and regaining muscles. 

The cyclic, smooth MOTOmed Movement Therapy improves mobility of the legs and the upper body and can help to counteract muscle loss, contractures, higher tones and spasms as well as decubitus, thrombosis and edema.

The MOTOmed safety functions monitor and regulate the tone. Depending on the amount of independence, patients completed their therapy sessions with the MOTOmed on their own. This helps to unburden therapy and care personnel. 

MOTOmed Movement Therapy

MOTOmed Movement Therapy was developed for people with movement restrictions and complements physical, ergo and sports therapy measures. Users can train while seated in a wheelchair or from a chair. Patients in supine position use MOTOmed from a nursing bed or therapy couch.

In Germany, the device-based movement therapy with the MOTOmed is recognized as an aid for many indications by the statutory health insurance. It is worthwhile to inform yourself!


Featured video - MOTOmed movement therapy (13:11)