Christmas is coming

Slowly, but surely - with the beginning of December, and the weather getting colder and colder - it can no longer be denied ... in a few days it will be Christmas! And of course, what cannot be missing at this atmospheric time of year? A Christmas tree!


Virtual exhibition stand at the European Congress for Neurorehabilitation 2021

In a virtual setting, ECNR 2021 spans a wide arc under the motto: "Neurorehabilitation – yesterday, today and tomorrow". Topics ranging from the origins of neurorehabilitation to current promising developments to yet unimaginable perspectives in the future will be debated.


„MOTOmed does medical trade fair MEDICA 2021“

Taking place in Düsseldorf from 15 to 18 November 2021, the international medical trade fair MEDICA, which attracts 100,000 visitors every year, is the largest of its kind with over 5,000 exhibitors. This year, the world's leading trade fair for medical devices, electromedicine, laboratory technology, diagnostics, physiotherapy, orthopedic technology, and medical supplies is designed as a hybrid event. Accompanying the trade show, many forums and conferences will be held online.


Virtually there: 10th Annual Johns Hopkins Critical Care Rehabilitation Conference (CCRC)

Like last year, RECK MOTOmed will participate in the Virtual Congress of the Johns Hopkins University from 21 October – 15 December 2021. The conference provides exchange and education for physiotherapists, occupational therapists, intensive care physicians, respiratory therapists, nurses and psychologists.


"MOTOmed does REHACARE 2021"

REHACARE, originally scheduled for 6-9 October 2021, has been canceled for this year. The world's leading trade fair for rehabilitation and care is held annually in Düsseldorf. Most recently at the 2019 trade fair more than 750 exhibitors from over 40 countries were present. Last year, the trade show was held as a digital exhibition show. The next REHACARE in Düsseldorf is scheduled for 14-17 September 2022.


MOTOmed Tutorials – quick and easy information

A MOTOmed offers a multitude of adjustment options to support users during training. Yet in certain situations, this detailed knowledge is not always present. How does it work? How do I use it? Great if you then have helpful tutorials to fall back on.


Welcome to Arab Health online

Find out what is new in the MOTOmed world in a virtual setting from the comfort of your home or office from 23 May to 22 July 2021.


Брошюра MOTOmed в цифровом формате

Теперь Вы можете "открывать" и "пролистывать" брошюру MOTOmed в режиме онлайн.


Пасхальный заяц был здесь!

Мы в компании RECK творчески подошли к поделкам самодельных оригинальных гнезд для подарков от пасхального зайца.


Just4Children – Команда Леони

Детская благотворительная организация Just4Children поддерживает Леони и собирает средства для ее жизненно важной операции SDR, физиотерапии и для тренажера MOTOmed gracile12.


MOTOmed letto2 в действии на острове Гранд-Канария

В отделениях анестезии, реанимации и болеутоляющей терапии университетской больницы им. доктора Негрина в Лас-Пальмас-де-Гран-Канария используют тренажер MOTOmed для ранней мобилизации пациентов.