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A MOTOmed offers a multitude of adjustment options to support users during training. Yet in certain situations, this detailed knowledge is not always present. How does it work? How do I use it? Great if you then have helpful tutorials to fall back on.

MOTOmed TV | Tutorial #010

– Free Training

In this MOTOmed tutorial you will learn more about training feedback in free training and how to set speed, duration and resistance.

MOTOmed TV | Tutorial #009

– Insertion Aid

Here you can learn how to use the MOTOmed Insertion Aid to facilitate the insertion of the feet into the foot shells.

MOTOmed TV | Tutorial #008

– Oscillating Weight

The MOTOmed "oscillating weight" function stores kinetic energy for a smooth motion sequence. You can find out how this can be used to support training here.

MOTOmed TV | Tutorial #007

– SpasmControl

In this MOTOmed tutorial you will learn how the SpasmControl gently stops the pedal movement when spasticity, muscle cramps or movement blockages (freezing) occur.

MOTOmed TV | Tutorial #006

– ServoCycling

The MOTOmed function "ServoCycling" supports the execution of the active movement. Find out here how active movement can be made possible even with minimal muscle strength.

MOTOmed TV | Tutorial #005

– Training Data Analysis

The intelligent MOTOmed models provide feedback during and after training. Learn how to evaluate the resulting training data analysis here.

MOTOmed TV | Tutorial #004

– Height Adjustment

With the innovative height adjustment, the MOTOmed loop edition can be adjusted in height without tools. Learn how to adjust the MOTOmed to the user in this MOTOmed tutorial.

MOTOmed TV | Tutorial #003

– Conversion between Leg and Arm Trainer

The MOTOmed loop.la offers both leg and arm/upper body training. In this MOTOmed tutorial you will learn how to control the conversion of the training.

MOTOmed TV | Tutorial #002

– Activity Detection

Learn how to customize activity detection.

MOTOmed TV | Tutorial #001

– Setting the Initial Values

How to reach the most important settings for free training.