Virtually there: 10th Annual Johns Hopkins Critical Care Rehabilitation Conference (CCRC)

Like last year, RECK MOTOmed will participate in the Virtual Congress of the Johns Hopkins University from 21 October – 15 December 2021. The conference provides exchange and education for physiotherapists, occupational therapists, intensive care physicians, respiratory therapists, nurses and psychologists.

To facilitate early mobilization and rehabilitation in the intensive care unit (ICU), interdisciplinary collaboration and coordination is critical. Thus, the multidisciplinary meeting of stakeholders aims to improve long-term outcomes for ICU survivors. Clinical trials demonstrate the benefits of early rehabilitation for ventilated patients. Implementing these interventions requires creating a new interdisciplinary critical care culture based on proactive rehabilitation.

This is precisely where MOTOmed layson edition movement therapy training comes in, providing those to be treated in intensive care units, critical care and early rehabilitation with passive, motor-assisted and active training in supine position of both the legs as well as the arms and upper body.

As part of the CCRC, the MOTOmed next generation product lines will be presented digitally in the showroom.

Immerse yourself in the world of MOTOmed next generation!

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