New study from Wales: movement therapy with the MOTOmed letto during dialysis significantly improves quality of life (QOL)

The renal unit of Morriston Hospital in Swansea carried out a study that investigated “Intra-Dialytic Cycling: The long-term impact on physical function and quality of life”. The study included 14 patients at the age of 70,5 ± 17.3 years. The patients completed a Medical Outcome Short Form 36 (SF-36) and a Duke Activity Status Index (DASI). Moreover, the number of sit to stand transitions they could complete in sixty seconds (STS60) was recorded. 

During trial period, patients cycled approximately 20 minutes of their maintenance haemodialysis (HD) with the MOTOmed letto. After one year, the questionnaires and the sit-to-stand test were repeated and the results compared. While STS and DASI did not show statistical differences, both physical fitness and quality of life improved significantly through MOTOmed training. Resting heart rate was also significantly lowered through MOTOmed training.

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