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Intensive Care Day – Return to your life!

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Due to the large number of seriously ill COVID-19 patients, intensive care medicine has moved into the focus this year. Since February, about 15,000 COVID-19 patients have been treated in intensive care in Germany. More than half of them had to be ventilated – for approximately four weeks. With the help of MOTOmed exercise therapy, immobile patients were passively protected from joint stiffness and shortening of the muscles during this phase, the metabolism was stimulated and thus the loss of strength and muscle mass was limited. Always with the aim of ensuring sufficient oxygen supply and improving the patient’s state of health as quickly as possible. Particularly for severe and critically affected COVID-19 patients in the intensive care unit, the MOTOmed letto2 enables indispensable early mobilisation and gives them a decisive advantage in the course of their illness. 

In Germany, more than two million people are treated in intensive care units every year. Many of these patients are also ventilated during their stay and are suffering from life-threatening conditions. For most intensive care patients, the course of the disease develops positively. Intensive care medicine is not abstract apparatus medicine – the focus is always on the human being! The support in the intensive care unit is close knit, direct and the monitoring is continuously guaranteed. There is no place in the hospital where more highly committed people work as a team to look after a patient – 24 hours a day, 365 days and nights a year. As a result, intensive care ensures that most people can return to their lives. More than 90 percent are discharged back to a normal ward or other areas for in/out-patient treatment. From this moment on, MOTOmed Movement Therapy is applied in a sitting position and continues to promote the improvement and stabilization of the patient’s state of health. 

The medical devices of RECK do an excellent job in intensive care units, in the daily clinic routine and in rehabilitation worldwide. We are happy about this remarkable success and thank all nurses, nursing staff, physiotherapists and doctors for their tireless commitment!

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