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New scientific research results from the USA provide hope to persons who live with Parkinson's: In particular, fast and motor-assisted movement (e.g. with the MOTOmed movement trainer) can have a positive effects on the typical symptoms found in Parkinson's, such as rigor (muscle stiffness), tremor (shaking), and Akinesia (poor mobility).

''Forced Exercise'' the new therapy method

After a tandem bike tour at which Parkinson's patients reached a pedal speed of 90 revolutions per minute they felt ''as if they were Parkinson's-free''. Research shows a 35% improvement of symptoms. Subsequently, from this groundbreaking findings scientists have developed the new Parkinson's therapy method called ''Forced Exercise''. Here, the patients are moved considerably faster than physically possible or obtainable for them. Benefit from these new findings which can help you to reduce your tremor (muscle trembling), to improve your walking ability and to regain control in your activities of the daily living.

MOTOmed viva2 Parkinson

Consequently, the MOTOmed viva2 Parkinson was created by the RECK Company in collaboration with US scientists (Dr. Ridgel and colleagues). Special components allow for a passive pedaling speed of up to 90 revolutions per minute (rpm). This newly developed Parkinson's therapy ''Forced Exercise'' can be used individually, at home, and on a daily basis.

As effective as medicine

The fast cycling movement with the MOTOmed viva2 Parkinson activates regions in the brain in the same way Parkinson's medication stimulates them. This may be the reason why the positive effects are not only noticed locally in the legs and arms but affecting the whole body.

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