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item no. 302.000

leg guides with calf shells (pair)

  • safe hold and secure guidance of the legs
  • padded calf shells
  • fixation by soft Velcro straps
  • flexibly mounted and adjustable in length (9 cm to 16 cm)
  • removable calf shells, retractable lower joint bar
item no. 152.000

plastic coated safety foot shells (pair)

  • recommended for facility use
  • stable metal foot shell, coated with soft-PVC for infection control
  • foot fixation by soft Velcro straps
item no. 304.000

leg guides with plastic calf shells, large (pair)

  • large supporting piece for calf
  • spring mounted calf shell
  • fixation by Velcro straps
  • flexibly mounted and adjustable in length (9 to 16 cm)
item no. 506.000

self-operating foot holders (pair)

  • for a quick and independent insertion and removal of the feet
  • soft foam rollers prevent from pressure marks at the feet
  • secure hold, even with strong spasticity
item no. 507.000

pedal radius quick adjustment

  • exact adjustment of the pedal radius
  • adjustable in 4 levels
    (5.0/7.5/10.0/12.5 cm) or stageless
  • recommended for patients with limited flexibility of the hip and/or knee joints
item no. 100.000

wheelchair stabilizer

  • recommended with strong spasticity
  • supports the wheelchair, no tilting or sliding backwards
  • for all common wheelchairs
  • with padded covering for the wheelchair grips
item no. 308.000

belt stabilizer comfort

  • incl. releasing aid
  • can easily be affixed from the wheelchair
  • suitable for different wheelchair models

MOTOmed viva2 with FES
accessories for leg training

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Different foot shells, leg guides and a variety of accessories enable an individual adaption of the MOTOmed.