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Movement therapy suitable for children with high safety standards

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The MOTOmed gracile12 offers a fun movement with pediatrically suitable accessories. The narrow pedal distance, the height adjustment of the pedal axle, and the various therapy programs turn this movement device into a valuable therapy tool. The MOTOmed gracile12 is perfectly adaptable to your child's growth.

Therapy options 

  • passive training (with motor)
  • assistive training (motor-assisted)
  • active training (with own muscle strength)
  • SymmetryTraining
  • coordination training (4 segments)



  • Pediatric safety foot shells with pediatric leg guides
  • Small distance of 12 cm between the inner rims of the foot shells
  • Two-stage pedal radius adjustment (3.5 cm / 7.0 cm)
  • Height adjustable pedal axle
  • Handlebar adjustable in height and inclination
  • Mobile with big castors (13cm diameter)
  • All-metal construction, premium and stable
  • additional stability by telescopic front stand



  • Foot insertion aid including position locking feature
  • MOTOmed SmoothDriveSystem with a gentle startup and rundown
  • MovementProtector & SpasmControl
  • Speed regulation from 0 to 60 rpm (passive)
  • Regulation of motor power from 1 to 10
  • Preset the therapy duration from 0 to 120 minutes
  • automatic device self-test


  • user-friendly operating panel with a color coded system and big, easy-feel buttons
  • Language selection between 27 different languages
  • MOTOmax and TRAMPOLINEmax motivation programs
  • therapy programs
  • detailed feedback in real time
  • training analysis after the training

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