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The auxiliary feature of the MOTOmed movement trainer is the gentle and balanced movement of legs and arms. Employ the MOTOmed as an engaging, therapeutic measure with people with physical limitation. The special software creates a fun training environment which helps patients to achieve a good health and constitutes support to the medical personnel.

Based on scientific facts

A variety of scientific studies provide proof for the benefits of the MOTOmed movement therapy which is integrated into therapy or is being independently used in home surrounds as a so called "home-based" therapy method. Click here for an overview of MOTOmed studies.

MOTOmed as preliminary therapy

The effectiveness and efficiency of the MOTOmed can fully be utilized as a steady component of the therapy plan. You can prepare your patients gently and safely for their physical therapy with the MOTOmed movement therapy device.

Movement therapy and prophylaxis

Regular movement is important for a physical and mental well being. With the MOTOmed you can enjoy the movement, without being overwhelmed. Depending on their individual condition, patients can train with motor assistance or actively on their own. Furthermore, the possibility is offered to relax the muscles by having the upper and lower extremities moved passively by motor control. The software also provides motivating active games.

A proven favorite

The MOTOmed movement therapy device is being used in worldwide clinics, rehabilitation and therapy centers, facilities for the disabled, and nursing and elderly homes. It has become an established therapy component.

Free trial

We will gladly organize a free product demonstration for your facility and your patients. This allows you to test the MOTOmed together and convince yourself of the therapy success. Call our number at +49 7374-1885 or fill out and send the contact form.

MOTOmed videos

Watch one of our short MOTOmed product videos or order a free MOTOmed DVD.