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Movement therapy
for a better quality of life

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Physical movement is the precondition for your well-being. Let the MOTOmed bring movement into your life. It does not matter if you do passive, motor-assisted, or active resistive training by using your own muscles. The MOTOmed movement trainer is especially suitable for people with limited mobility and those who are wheelchair users.

Gentle, safe and motorized training.

The MOTOmed movement trainer moves your legs or arms gently. You can select either passive, motor-assisted or active resistive training, with your own muscle strength. The movements are smoothly controlled, similar to bicycling. Depending on the model, you can train from the comfort of a chair, from your wheelchair or even in supine position from the bed.

Authorized medical aid

The MOTOmed is officially registered as a medical aid with the government health insurances in Germany. Therefore, under certain conditions there is a reimbursement of cost for patients with neurological conditions.

Free demonstration

Test a MOTOmed model at your home. For more information contact your local sales representative or the MOTOmed service team at +49 7374 1885.